Located in Finland.

--- We are not responsible for lost or damaged packagings. ---

--- Payments must be made within one week from the date of order, or the order will be cancelled. ---

--- No returns or refunds. ---

--- All orders will be shipped on economy mail (if not otherwise settled through email) to offer the cheapest possible cost. No tracking can be provided. Registered shipping is available upon request, contact us if you need it. Although it's usually a lot faster, allow a full month for the order to arrive, possibly more if overseas or having pre-ordered some item, as we won't ship any separate parcels. You will get a confirmation email once your order has been shipped. Registered shipping is available upon request. Email us if you need it. ---

--- When ordering through the webstore, immediate payment is required by Paypal. Manual orders can be sent to the email address below. Because of both, manual and webstore orders, you are risking to buy a product that is sold out. If this happens, the payment will be refunded as soon as possible. ---

--- The shipping module on this site is insufficient. When ordering more than 2-3 items, it's recommended that you email your order to us, as there's a chance you will be over charged. If that happens on order made through the store, the extra shipping will be refunded (if more than 1€). ---

Contact for bank transfer payments, different shipping options, trades, wholesale etc. / paypal: